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Larissa Noury

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Artist, designer-colorist
14 rue de la Chapelle, 75018, Paris, France

President-Founder of “Colour-Space-Culture” international Association Larissa Noury, PhD in Arts (Bordeaux, 2004) and Architecture (Saint Petersburg, 1988), author of two books "Colour in the city" and "Symbolic of colours," is the most original colorist of Montmartre.

She lives and works in Paris, France since 1998. Her artwork offers the luxury of combining freedom with inner strength. This alliance characterizes all her works, makes you plunge into the inside of yourself in a splendid contemplation. It imbued with poetry where love and dreamlike fantasy prevail reminding us of Monet's impressionism, Chagall's romantic colors or Kandinsky's improvised compositions. She has done more than 30 solo shows, and group exhibitions in France, the USA, Australia, Spain, Korea, Malaysia, and other places in the world. Her work is in many private collections and in five museums. She created a collection of painted dresses with Jean-Marie Pujol who was working at Yves Saint Laurent's atelier and presented her film "Dream of Harmony" which is about new technology in art.

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Larrisa Noury

Larissa Noury