Life Class the movie

AT Cinema

At Cinema

Whilst staying at his long standing friend Suzie Alexander's property at Rocky Hall, Tom was inspired to write a synopsis for Life Class - a movie about a French artist who wants to escape the horrors of WW1 and finds himself in an Australian country town.

In 2012, Anelia met Tom at a mutual friends dinner while she was studying at Sydney Film School. She expressed interest in being part of a film project that Tom was involved in and emailed Tom a CV which included a range of her artworks. In reply Tom sent her the synopsis for Life Class.

Hooked by the synopsis for Life Class, Tom and Anelia embarked upon making it into a movie.

The 'A' and 'T' in 'AT Cinema' stands for Anelia and Tom.

In 2013 AT Cinema Pty Ltd was formed to make Life Class.