LifeClass the movie

Footy Louts - Matt Christison, Matt Lavis,
Ian Heffernan, Daniel Kleiss, Jack Berry

Matt Lavis
From usually swinging spanners as a diesel mechanic to being on set as 'footy lout no 2' was an incredible transformation, great script guys.

Ian Heffernan
My name is Ian but I prefer Toad and I am a dairy farmer on the south coast NSW. We supply our milk to Bega Cheese and I enjoy my job because it is different every day. I work hard during the week and enjoy hanging out with my fiancé and mates on weekends, going shooting, fishing, playing football and listening to country music. I'm a bit of a jokester and am pretty positive because life shouldn't be so serious. Being involved in Life Class was a great opportunity and I would defiinitely give it a go again. My mates and I now say we are big time movie stars. People don't believe us until we show them the shorts. It's a bit of a laugh and good conversation starter.