LifeClass the movie

Cinematographer - Lee Chittick

Lee Chittick started out as a stills photographer.

He learnt the filmmaking craft at Film Australia in the 1970's and loved the medium as an art form.

Ended up behind the camera, the central spot where a film is made from.

While travelling the country he discovered a huge country and loving it's people.

He returned home to go Travelling with Percy Mumbler, an Aboriginal Elder from the South Coast of NSW!

They travelled together in the 80's. He became an author publishing the book TRAVELLING with PERCY (a south coast Journey) Continued an interest in documentary and drama filmmaking as well as set building for theatre and film.

While living on the South Coast Tom Cowan who he have known for years asked him to shoot "Life Class".

It was such a Joy to do and inspired him to make a half hour drama called " The Mission Priest" based on an Olga Masters short story set in Cobargo.

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